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Upcoming Shows

To book Rebecca on your stand-up show, email her at!

November 27 

Stand Up Underground at Modern Pastry, Boston, MA (7pm) 

December 4

Wake Up Call at Location TBD (9am)

December 7 

Pretty Women at Good Judy (7pm) 

December 11

Meat Cats at Union Hall (5pm) 

December 18

Soap Box at BCC (8:30pm)

December 20 

We Love a Theme Storytelling Show at Pete's Candy Store (7pm)

December 21 

Savage at Logan's Run (8pm)

December 22

The Sixth Annual Chanukastravanza at Littlefield (8pm)

January 18

Mars 2012 at Young Ethel's (9pm)

Photo Courtesy of @KellyKrauterPhotography